Products & Services Terms

  1. Commissions will be accepted ONLY via invoice sent through a valid email address. By paying the invoice, you agree to these Terms & Conditions. Please read it carefully.

  2. Prices and estimated delivery time for each commission will vary depending on the complexity of the work. Shipping time and costs will be calculated separately for each request. Please ensure to send your location with the Postal Code and a detailed description of your request to receive a quote for your commission.

  3. You must pay the full price, or 50% of the total cost of the commission within a week of the delivery of the invoice and the remaining amount before the delivery of the product, within 30 days. I will not work on any commission before this initial payment is received. If not received within 7 days of delivery, I will dismiss the commission request. If I don't receive the full invoice payment in 30 days, I reserve the right to the product without further obligations to the client.

  4. All my creations are made based on my own style and interpretation, and you should not commercialize them.

  5. Handmade products can show small differences in details on each piece compared to the ones shown in the catalog pictures. Please, keep in mind that those are unique and original pieces, and that is what differentiates artisanal works from industrial ones.

  6. All my products are handmade with quality materials. Some pieces have details in blush makeup, which can be easily reapplied in case it fades with time or after washing it.

  7. Each commission request will be subject to material availability. You will get notified by email about the status of your request and your place on my waitlist.

  8. I won't accept requests for handmade products from people allergic to cats since I'm a cat mom and I can't assure you there won't be a single cat hair on the piece, no matter how careful I will be.

  9. Make sure to inform me if the plushie is intended for a baby, small children or animals since I have to be extra careful with the materials I use in those cases! Designs that require buttons or small pieces sewn or glued have a risk of swallowing, so those will need adaptations to make the product safe.

  10. I will send you as many pictures and information as possible about your commission before I start working on it. However, no modifications will be allowed after I've started working on the commission since craft projects usually can't be easily undone without material damage or waste.

  11. I won't accept any requests that make me uncomfortable. In this case, if we don't agree on modifications or adaptations for it, I will dismiss it.